Raw Fish Carpaccio (1,980JPY)

    Chicory and walnut salad(880JPY)

    Potato salad in Piemonte style (1,320JPY)

    "Caprese" of seasonal fruits and ricotta cheese (1,680JPY)

    Paprika marinade and tuna sauce(990JPY)

    Stewed tripe(1,760JPY)

    Beef tallow french fries(900JPY)

    Homemade Italian Sausage Bruschetta(1,560JPY)

    Rich white liver mousse with citrus and cocoa (2 pieces or more)(1,320JPY)

    Grilled Tuna-tail with thyme,caper,lemon(2,200JPY~)

    Wood-Grilled "Fukudome farm" pork chop (5,800JPY~)

    Wood-Fire Grilled grass fed beef and vegetable(4,980JPY)

    Fukudome Small Farm, Koufuku Pork Fillet Pancetta wrapped roast(3,850JPY)

    Smokey "Amatriciana"(2,100JPY)

    "Bolognese" Extra Thick Pasta(2,400JPY)

    Crunchy Fried Egg and "Bottarga" (2,200JPY)

    Lasagna with stewed octopus sauce and celery (2,200JPY)

    Milk gelato with Sicilian olive oil and salt (660JPY)

    "Tiramisu" cake with Amazon cacao (800JPY)

    "Catalana" pistachio flavor(880JPY)

    Pineapple sorbet and coconut gelato(880JPY)

    Homemade bread(220JPY)



"all'Arrabbiata" Toscana style.


"Tonnarelli" pasta with Aglio olio with clams and green chili peppers


"Tonnarelli" pasta with Homemade sausage with tomato, herb and cheese sauce


Homemade pasta with cold whelk with pesto sauce


Please choose the amount of pasta, 100g or 150g or 200g (+300yen).
We have homemade pasta and fresh low-hydration pasta from Asakusa Kaikarou.
All lunch pastas come with small salad and homemade bread (Free refills).

※The lunch time menu is abailable only on weekdays.
Weekends and holidays lunch time menu is the same as dinner time menu.