• Appetizer

    Tuna salad, Toscana style.

    Spinach tart, country style.

  • Pasta dish
    *Please select 2 menus for each table.

    "Tonnarelli" pasta with Ivory Shell and chopped Mushrooms.
    (Mid thick "Tonnarelli" pasta.)

    "Tonnarelli" pasta with spicy Meat sauce, butcher style.
    (Mid thick "Tonnarelli" pasta.)

    Meat sauce with Mushrooms and Liver paste.
    (Thick "Romana" pasta.)

    Spring risotto, Broad Beans and Red Shrimps.

    Squid sepia thick risotto.

  • Main Dish

    "Peposo" Veal shank spicy stew.

  • Dolce

    A famous Lemon cake from Amalfi, Campania state.

6,000JPY (tax and 10% of service charge are excluded)



Spicy Tomato and Basil.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Chopped "Salsiccia" spicy sauce with pasta.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Simmered Squid with Green Peas.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Please select the pasta volume, enough (150g) or generous (200g).
*Fresh less water pasta produced by Asakusa Kaikarou is used in our pasta dishes.
Home baked bread (Buffet).