Chicken liver "Crostini"

    Chicory and walnut salad

    Tuna tartar (For one person)

    Aging fish "carpaccio" salad in Calabria style

    Homemade bread

    Breadsticks with "Porchetta"rolled pork

    Grilled butter chicken in Toscan style

    Tripe stew in Rome style

    Beef tallow french fries

    Homemade Italian sausage

    Fresh fish"Acqua pazza"

    Wood-Grilled grass fed beef and vegetables

    Wood-Grilled duck

    Wood-Grilled lamb-chop

    Grilled Ezo deer ribs and mushrooms hunted by Mr.iwamatsu

    Grilled Tuna-tail with thyme,caper,lemon

    Extra thick pasta with "Bolognese" beef sauce

    Extra thick pasta with "Amatriciana"

    "Arrabbiata" sauce in Tuscan style

    "Tonnarelli" pasta with ”Vongole bianco"sauce

    "Tonnarelli" pasta with pistachio genovese

    Pear gelato

    Sicilian olive oil and milk gelato

    Sicilian blood orange sorbet

    "Tiramisu" cake with amaretto flavor

    Brioche and punmpkin



"all'Arrabbiata" Toscana style.


"Tonnarelli" pasta with chicken stewed in mushroom sauce


"Tonnarelli" pasta with stewed macherel and tomatoes


Please choose the amount of pasta, enough (150g) or generous (200g).
*Fresh less water pasta produced by Asakusa Kaikarou is used in our all pasta dishes.
Home baked bread (Buffet).

Jerk chicken salad lunch


Pasta and jerk chicken set