• Appetizer

    Open sandwich with eggplant and prosciutto. ¥500

    Bread crumb baking of red snapper. ¥1,800

    Mixed fried seafood and vegetables. ¥2,000

  • Pasta dish

    Shrimp and porcini sauce with Tonnarelli pasta. ¥1,800

    Duck and gorgonzola Fagottini. ¥1,800

    Meat sauce with Mushrooms and Liver paste. ¥1,800
    (Thick "Romana" pasta.)

    Traditional seafood soup of Livorno,Tuscan. ¥1,500

    Lasagna with duck and white sauce. ¥1,800

  • Main Dish

    Acqua Pazza. ¥4,000

    Grilled steak with roasted potatoes. ¥2,800

  • Chiken and white wine with mix herbs. ¥2,800

  • Dolce

    Chestnuts cream puff. ¥800



"all'Arrabbiata" Toscana style.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Meat sauce with butter.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Fish sauce with turmeric flavor.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Please select the pasta volume, normal (100g) or large (150g)
or extra large (200g) +300JPY .
*Fresh less water pasta produced by Asakusa Kaikarou is used in our pasta dishes.
Home baked bread (Buffet).