Lettuce.sheep cheese.Fennel-flavored dressing.

    Roasted zucchini with anchovy.

    Potato salad in "Yuasa style".

    Addicted blue cheese mousse.

    Liver paste for Adults.

    Tuna tartare.

    Roasted potatoes and Lard balls.

    Rich shrimp risotto.

    "Carpaccio" with orange and sea bass.

    Stewed Intestines

    Baked risotto with kidney beans and meatballs in Piemonte style.

    Our specialty! Braised Octopas and potato.

    Grilled spicy back ribs with potato paste.

    Roasted venison.

    Roasted whole chicken with pita bread.

    Thick pasta with "all'Arrabbiata" sauce in Tuscan style.

    Extra thick pasta with "Amatriciana" in Roman traditional style.

    Extra thick pasta with stewed squid liver sauce.



"all'Arrabbiata" Toscana style.

1,200JPY (tax included)

"Tonnarelli" pasta with Chiken carbonara sauce.

1,200JPY (tax included)

"Tonnarelli" pasta with Stewed white fish with a lot of mint on.

1,200JPY (tax included)

Please choose the amount of pasta, enough (150g) or generous (200g).
*Fresh less water pasta produced by Asakusa Kaikarou is used in our all pasta dishes.
Home baked bread (Buffet).